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How to choose your Newborn Photographer ….

So many questions arise when selecting someone to take portraits of your infant. After all, not many have held your little one in those first weeks. You most likely have not even left your home . I often see many moms asking for information and looking around local groups and posts for a “Newborn Photographer” and I have to stop myself and think , Newborn Photography is such a different genre than any other photography genre out there. It scares me to learn that people are entering into the newborn photo field with just a camera and no proper knowledge. I wanted to help you out and shed some light for mothers or mothers-to-be in search of looking for their Newborn Photographer.

Don’t forget to heck out my Q&A page on further questions that you might have, there is much more information there.

  1. Their experience :

What is his/ her experience with Newborns ? Have they had Professional one on one training on how to not only handle an infant, but how to safely and properly pose a baby. Do they have any certifications to show for any of their training? There is A LOT that goes into it.

2. Are they comfortable :

Many photographers think that just because they have a camera that they would be good at any genre. Newborn Photography is not something you want to take a gamble on with your infant. Not to remind you of the formal training (above) , but does the person your choosing know how to soothe , burp and/ or handle a crying baby . What experience do they have with infants.

3. Are they Legal :

Oh yes, that should be #1 on our list. Do they have a business license and legally working in the State? Paying their taxes is another biggy, but I won’t go into that. Insurance is another huge point, are they insured ?

4. Who supplies the Props , cute hats and outfits?

Many photographers do not have their own assortment of baskets, wraps, hats and outfits which leaves mom the added expense to go and search for these things on her own prior to the session. That should not be your job to do 😉

5. Studios:

Some moms do not have a preference on if the Photographer has his or her own studio space. I know that I can clean my studio for the next person and the mother does not need to worry about a messy home. I often hear parents tell me how cozy and comfortable it is for them.

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