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Newborn photography workshop

Your next step in becoming a more confident and efficient newborn photographer. If you need to improve on your posing, lighting, editing, angles or you just need to refresh your current workflow then my workshop will to do just that.

You will learn all about studio lighting, camera settings, and white balance. You will most importantly learn the safety measures of a Newborn Photographer ; how to handle and pose an infant. You will watch Rochelle as she safely poses newborns during the beanbag workflow, prop shots, wrapping and parent shots.

Bring your cameras because you will also be shooting each pose and learn all about angles and BONUS , grow your portfolio!!

She will edit at least 2 newborn images start to finish and have an open Q&A discussion time over lunch.

You will be able to use all the images you take for your portfolio.

Each student is responsible for transportation and accommodations. Miami Florida Newborn Photo Workshops, Fort Lauderdale Florida Newborn Photo Workshops, Tampa Florida Newborn Photo Workshops, South Florida Newborn Photo Workshops, Florida Newborn Photo Workshops,